Are you living a good life? A life free of guilt, uncertainty and anger. Are you looking to live a life full of personal accomplishments, happiness and tranquility? Then you’re  on the same quest that I’m on.

Hello, welcome to The Good Life Samurai blog. I’m passionate about learning to live the most fulfilling life possible. The purpose of this blog is to bring all the resources that I’ve found useful in my quest to one site to hopefully help others in their own search. This blog will explore what it means to live a good life.

The web is full of articles and information about how to improve our lives and be happier people. It’s impossible to try everything we read. I want to test the ideas that I’ve discovered through my search and write about the impact on my life, good or bad.  I will look at different philosophies and theories that through practice will reduce worry, anxiety and uncertainty.

Through reading my posts about my journey, I am hoping that I can inspire others to work towards a more fulfilling existence. To truly determine what works we need to get busy and try the advice that is so readily available to us. We are all different so we need to keep moving forward to find out works for each of us. As Thomas J. Watson once said, “If you want to succeed, double your failure rate”.

It is also my desire to see how the study of philosophy can improve my life. The original purpose of philosophy was to teach individuals how to work through daily life problems using logic and reasoning skills. The great philosophers from history, such as Socrates, Epicurus, Zeno and Plato among others, paved the way for schools to be developed. These schools taught individuals from all walks of life a philosophy for living. Over time philosophy became less of a skill to be learned and more of an academic subject taught exclusively in higher institutions such as universities. It is my hope that my blog can help bring philosophy back to being used for its original purpose. To read my view on having a philosophy for life please read the post Having a philosophy for living


Kevin Turner