Achieve your goals in two super-charged steps.

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Work for your dreams.

You can fill your head with dreams but what’s the point if you don’t go after them. This is what this post is about. It’s about whoever is reading this to really think about where your life is headed and apply an action to achieving whatever goals you dream for in life. If you are ready then it’s time to get to work.

This is something that I’m passionate about so I’m using this post as a starting point for anyone who wants to change something in their life.

Why do we fail?

There is a reason why New Year resolutions fail or we gain back the weight. Why we stop learning Spanish, playing the guitar or going to the gym. Once the excitement and enthusiasm wear off we realize that we set unrealistic goals and it’s going to require a tremendous amount of effort.

Do any of these points sound familiar for why you gave up on your goals: 

  • You didn’t want it that bad.
  • You get bored
  • It’s easier to watch TVAchieve your goals
  • It’s hard to find the time.
  • You made the goal unattainable
  • You failed to imagine the hardships.

During my first year of college, it was recommended that all first-year students take a student success course. It was supposed to teach new students proper study habits. One of the topics was on setting goals. There was a lot of tips on writing your schedule in a journal or using the S.M.A.R.T system. I always felt that these tactics were difficult to apply to everyday life and focus too heavily on the larger goals. Although these are all great tools, I never consistently used any of these tools to get where I wanted to go. Why was that? It didn’t focus enough on the two core elements to achieving any goal, hunger and making goals internal.

My goals at the time were to pass the courses I was enrolled in, that’s it. At the time I had no idea where these courses were going to take me. This was one of the reasons why I never finished the program that I envisioned would one day get me a job.

Life ended up taking me on a different path. Although I never again enrolled in a diploma program, I did complete numerous shorter programs that I actually gave a shit about. Maybe that was the difference, I was much more driven and hungry to complete these smaller programs. There was always a job waiting for me at the end or the course that I was passionate about.

Over the years I have accomplished quite a few things that I am proud of. Whenever I took on a new endeavour there was nothing or no one that could stand in my way. I rarely wrote down my goals or used any sort of system to have these goals realized. I always had a hunger that made any hardships easy to endure to achieve my goals. I enjoy the process of learning and the end goal in itself.

Instead of focusing on the big picture, I would focus on improving on my weaknesses. When I was practicing karate, I once spent six months working on just keeping my back heel down when executing my front kick. Once I fixed that problem I moved onto the next and then the next and was able to graduate through the belts simply by adding up all the small victories.

There is a lot of literature on the web or published in books on the subject of achieving goals. This is all valuable information and I encourage everyone to at least have an understanding of the theory of goal setting. I want to focus on the most important steps that are somewhat overlooked in these processes.

All you need to know.

1) You have to want it as much as you want to breathe.

You have to want it as much as you want to breathe. Watch this video by Eric Thomas.

If that video didn’t inspire you then go back to watching TV or Facebook. You have to be hungry for what you want to achieve, like a lion chasing a gazelle. The lion doesn’t need any external forces to motivate his hunger, he is always driven internally. That’s how you have to be. It doesn’t matter if it’s starting a new business or learning a new language the hunger needs to present.

There is going to be time during your journey when you are going to stumble. You are going to have an off day or even a week. You are going to fail and get knocked down. Congratulations you are the same as everybody before you that’s achieved something.

When this happens, get back up and continue the journey. It’s when you don’t get back up that dreams fail. Remember every time you get back up you aren’t starting from zero, you continue to add on what you’ve already built. Keep going and find the self-discipline required to achieve that goal.

2) Make all your goals internal.

You have to make all your goals internal. No external goals. What’s an external goal? Do any of these goals sound familiar, I want to lose 25 lbs, I want my business to make $200,000 next year. I want to beat my next tennis opponent, or I want my blog to have 1000 readers a month.

All of these examples have numerous factors outside of our control for them to be achieved. When we fail to achieve these types of goals we feel frustrated and discouraged. When we try to analyze what went wrong it’s hard to pinpoint the exact cause which leads to more frustration.

My dream, when I created my blog is to explore and share my views on life with my friends and family. It’s to learn about living a fulfilling life and write articles to best of my ability. This is my big picture goal. To achieve it I need to avoid making goals such as acquiring a certain number of readers or making money. These are external goals that’re extremely difficult to control considering the number of factors involved.

I have to take my long-term goal and break it down into smaller bits. I created goals that are completely dependent on me, such as writing so many words every day, broadening my knowledge on the topic I’m writing about or learning what the hell SEO means.

An example everyone can relate to is wanting to lose a certain amount of weight or to get in shape. Let’s say that you have a strong reason to achieve both goals and are highly motivated. Step #2 would be to make an internal goal that’s realistic and obtainable. For the weight lose you decide that you going to try to cut out pop for one month. To get in “shape” (I can’t stand it when I hear friends make this a goal. In shape for what? To run a marathon, to play tennis or just to enjoy life more) anyway, make the goal to do 10 push-ups every day for a week or to go for a walk three times a week. These are more realistic and internal goals.

Let’s get to work.

Make all your smaller goals internal. Goals where the success or failure lies completely on you. The biggest reason why goals fail is because people make their goals dependent on outside forces. When you make your goals simple and attainable it’s easier to build on them week after week until your dreams are realized.

I’m going to post this once a week as a share post and I’m inviting everyone to post a weekly goal in the comments. Making your goals public adds motivation to achieving them. I’m looking forward to seeing what goals people make.



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