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The best writing editor on the web


Online university course provider. Lots of free and paid courses offered from Universities around the world.



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The Tim Ferriss Show









How to 10X your results


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Head space and Calm are meditation appsĀ that are great for learning mindfulness. They use guided meditation sessions to help train your mind. I’ve used both apps on the iPhone and I highly recommend them both to anyone who is a beginner at meditation.

Check out their websites at:


















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Here is a list of all websites and pages that I link to in my posts. In keeping with the idea of sharing and spreading knowledge and creating a community around that, please like and share any of these links that you found helpful. I’m grateful to the other bloggers out there who are also on the same mission as I am.

Bullying – How to really stop it.


6 powerful lessons to teach kids at home.

http://5-step Problem Solving for Young Childre

http://30 Problem Solving Scenarios for Kids & Teens

http://15 Tips for Instilling Leadership Skills in Children

http://How to Teach Your Child Good Interpersonal Communication Skills

http://Teaching a Work Ethic